Vacation Protection Plan


Vacation Protection Plan


Vacation Protection Plan

So there’s a hurricane coming. Your wife has just come down with a severe illness. You just had unexpected surgery and have been told not to travel. The last thing on your mind should be concerns about the investment you’ve made in your Vacation rental. You know you have to cancel, but are concerned about the cost.

We know there are ways to acquire coverage for such events, but they are often expensive and clunky. Finding the right plan can be difficult as well. That’s why we’ve decided to make such an offering available to our renters.  We feel our protection program has the right value, the right options and the right focus for you and your vacation rental.  Best of all it’s a one-stop approach. You can buy it right when you book your vacation, directly from us. 

Our Vacation Protection Plan helps save you money while providing a hassle-free option if you need to cancel your stay with us for any permitted reason. Emergency cancellation includes dangerous weather such as hurricanes or a family illness or health emergency. Choose what is right for you depending on the rental deductible. All you pay in case of emergency is 10% of the rental amount. Please choose which plan you would prefer, or if you wish, to decline. If you choose to decline the Vacation Protection Plan, you assume full responsibility of all fees set forth by the company in the contract.

The cost? Quite reasonable considering the cost of your rental. In fact, it’s tied to the cost of YOUR individual booking. 


No troubles? Great, we’re glad you enjoyed your vacation. 


A hurricane or health emergency causes you to cancel?  You get a refund of 90% of your paid rental fees !


The choice is yours, but it must be selected and paid for at the time of initial booking.  There will be a complete copy of the agreement sent along with your contract. 




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